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Let's create your customized product line together


We personalize the products with the Clients' brand.

We make typical Tuscan products  "private label" by choosing the best products of traditional cuisine from our recipes  Tuscany and National.  We provide customers with a wide range of Sauces, Ragù, Paté and Stews of meat and game, all customizable and already tested on the Italian market. Quality products ideal to expand and customize the offer of  food  in your points of sale. Our internal graphic department will be at your disposal to design and build your new Private Label line. 

Tuscany is a very generous land and our products are closely linked to the gastronomic traditions of the area. 

Our condiments are made with artisan procedures and  with recipes  well balanced both in flavor and in the use and dosage of spices, so that they are foods that everyone can consume.   We use  only quality raw materials from crops  Italian, like tomato both in fruit and pulp.  Ask us for more information on how to start a constructive collaboration. 

prodotti tipici toscani Private Label

We create customized recipes and products.

Our company is particularly devoted to the production of customized products at the request of customers. We have proprietary recipes for all needs. But we can also produce, with agreed minimum quantities, also types of Sauces and Sauces, very particular and aimed at certain markets. However, products that respect our company philosophy and that we work with  great attention to quality and taste. Sauces, Sauces, Pate, Jams, Jellies that must pass many checks and checks before being delivered. Products  which first of all must please us producers, who are the first and most demanding consumers of our already cooked condiments. On the other hand the sector  food  Made in Italy, especially that of  Artisans products, must  express the flavors and goodness that our housewives, cooking schools and our final consumers, whether they are Italian or from other countries, are used to  have when they taste  a potted product like ours. 

We design and print labels in-house

A complete and professional service that begins with the design or adaptation of the new label to the coordinated image of the Customer, considering the insertion and verification of all the parameters and regulations of the European Community in terms of Labeling of Food products. 

Managing the entire Private Label process internally optimizes time and costs for our Customers who receive electronically all the information and documents necessary for the approval of new files for the new labels. Even the printing of the final designs and labels is internal. We print up to 5 colors (also Gold and Silver) on reel labels up to 1000 pieces per type. 

The new labels made by our Private Label Department

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