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Artisan production  with quality raw materials.

Tuscany is a very generous land and our typical Tuscan products are closely linked to the gastronomic traditions of the area. Ready sauces, sauces, spreadable pates, vegan and organic products, which have a history and often come from  from peasant recipes, simple and genuine.  Our condiments are made with artisan procedures and  with recipes  well balanced both in flavor and spiciness, to be foods that everyone can consume.   We use  only quality raw materials from crops  Italian, like tomato both in fruit and pulp,  supplied to us by farms  organic or in any case from producers selected on the basis of quality and not price. The same goes for meat and fish, coming from certified suppliers who make quality their corporate mission. This is also why our sauces and patés are so good and tasty. 

Good and tasty products like homemade

This is how we produce our lines of typical Tuscan products , with great attention to quality and taste. Ready sauces, sauces, spreadable pates, vegan and organic products , jams and fruit compotes,  which must pass many checks and tests before being distributed and offered for sale. Products  which first of all must please us producers, who are the first and most demanding consumers of our products and condiments already cooked. On the other hand the sector  food  Italian and especially that of  Artisans products, must  express the flavors and goodness that our housewives, cooking schools and our final consumers are used to  have when they taste  a potted product like ours.  Try our Tuscan Crostino , our Organic Pomarola, our Wild Boar Stew and you will understand the difference.  And what about the products of the Vegan Ok line where taste and health meet for a pleasant and innovative combination.

Truffle specialties

For our preparations we use only selected raw materials, supplied by producers that we select on the basis of quality and not price. We use White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum) or Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) according to the products and recipes we make. The truffles come from certified Italian suppliers who make quality their corporate mission. For this reason our truffle products are so tasty, so good and so fragrant. Many proposals immediately ready to use in the kitchen, without ever losing sight of the relationship between price and quality, designed to satisfy even the most demanding palates. A complete offer from Fabbrica Sughi Toscana that begins with patés to spread on bread or focaccia, for a quick appetizer or a fresh and tasty all-natural crouton.

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sughi pronti, salse, patè spalmabili, prodotti vegani e biologici,
sughi pronti, salse, patè spalmabili, prodotti vegani e biologici,

Fruit Jams, Mustards

and Jellies 

Our Extra Jams are produced using only  first choice fruit,  sugar and a lot of love for good things. Proper cooking a  controlled temperature, maintains the structure of the fruit  more compact and tasty. The procedure by which these are obtained  products is the one used in ancient times  by the Tuscan housewives who patiently prepared jars of jams and jellies for family consumption in the colder seasons.  These delicacies were never lacking in  dispensation of  houses  farmers of our territory. And it is from this philosophy of life that our products are born, healthy, genuine, harmonious, like  wants the tradition of our people.

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