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FST Fabbrica Sughi Toscana is a company specialized in the production (in its own factory in CE BOLLO) of Sauces - Ragù - Paté  - Stews - Condiments based on meat, game, fish and vegetables of excellent quality. The production is based on the use of selected raw materials of national origin, in order to guarantee our customers a 100% Made in Italy product both in the ingredients and in the recipes, all of our property.

In the new factory, we have  designed and optimized the production spaces in order to obtain a high quality standard  that allows us  to face the Italian and foreign market, in a more strategic way.  All this allows us to offer our customers a high quality / price ratio and a wider range of new products such as condiments  and VeganiOk ei  Organic,  for more outlets  specialized in these sectors. We are also present in the RETAIL channel with the "Tuscan Cuisine" line which is the top of the range of our production, which includes  ready sauces, sauces, spreadable pates, vegan and organic products, condiments, all certified.  The offer and the collaboration that we offer to our customers is also wide  creation of Private Label products,  customizing on request, recipes and   packaging.

Sede FST Fabbrica Sughi Toscana
"FST Fabbrica Sughi Toscana,produzione sughi pronti e confetture"


There are three preparation and cooking lines for the production of sauces, paté, stews, jellies and jams that  supported by an automatic labeling system, they allow us to cover every need related to the supply of pre-cooked products. A segment, that of ready-made sauces and condiments, whose demand for quality regional specialties is growing sharply, especially for those who like FST Fabbrica Sughi Toscana stand out for the taste and goodness of the condiments. Much appreciated  by consumers  our  lines  branded "Cucina Toscana" and "Salumeria Toscana" which are obtained with particular cooking systems and recipes typical of our territory. 

Reparto Produzione FST per sughi pronti, salse, patè spalmabili, prodotti vegani e biologici,
cuc tos_340g RAGU DI CARNE 340g sit BIO.
Customer Service 800 625 626
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